Facial Lacerations

Sustaining a deep cut or laceration to the face can be a traumatic experience. The risk of a scar further complicates the treatment options for patients. It is imperative that the laceration is assessed and treated by an expert in order to minimize the risk of poor wound healing or scarring. 

Most patients opt to visit the emergency room after sustaining a facial laceration. This may be a necessary step if the laceration is bleeding or other injuries are sustained, but it is important to have the facial laceration treated by someone with specific training in complex wound closure in order to minimize the risk of scarring.

Dr. Sina specializes in both adult and pediatric complex wound closure.


If the only injury sustained is a facial laceration, you can contact the office to schedule treatment. If you have sustained other injuries it is recommended to visit a local Emergency Department. You can inform the Emergency Department physicians that you intend to have the laceration treated by a plastic surgeon and they can contact us and schedule the treatment.  

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