Nasal Fracture

What are the signs and symptoms of a broken nose?

The hallmarks of a nasal fracture are:

  1. pain
  2. swelling
  3. an obvious change in the appearance of the nose (newly crooked)
  4. a palpable "step off" of the nasal bones. 
  5. although it is not always necessary an x-ray of the nose or a CT scan of the face will also show a nasal fracture.

A new nasal fracture can be treated without surgery by a procedure called a closed nasal reduction. A closed nasal reduction treats a nasal fracture by realigning the nasal bones and placing a cast to hold the bones in place as they heal. This can be done up to 3 weeks after a nasal fracture, so it is important to be evaluated by a facial plastic surgeon urgently after nasal trauma. 

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