Under Eye Bags

Are you tired of looking it yourself in the mirror and seeing those under eye bags staring back at you? You try to get enough sleep, reduce the stress in your life, and have resorted to every home remedy you can think of to get rid of them. Unfortunately, under eye bags can be stubborn and difficult to eradicate.


A number of factors influence the appearance of under-eye bags. They can be caused by puffiness or mild swelling, often linked to simple aging processes. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and support, and like other parts of our body that succumb to gravity, the tissue under the eyes begins to sag.

Another common cause of bags under the eyes is buildup of fluid. This buildup of fluid is often blamed on allergies or even changes in the weather (more typical on hot and humid days). They can be blamed on hormone levels or diet. Salty food tends to produce bloating, which may worsen the appearance of those bags under your eyes.

In other cases, fat cells accumulate in the lower eyelids. When home remedies like cool compresses, cucumber, and adequate sleep don’t take care of those bags, eyelid surgery or laser resurfacing may be able to help.

Bags under the eyes can come and go, and are often accompanied by dark circles. Most of the time, they’re harmless and won’t affect your eyesight or your health. However, if the presence of under eye bags is persistent and transitions from mild to severe, or is accompanied by any tingling, itching, redness, or discomfort, it’s time to schedule a visit with your physician.

A physician can rule out a number of issues that may contribute to the prolonged appearance of under eye bags that include infection, allergies, or even a thyroid condition.


Most under eye bags are harmless, but your doctor can determine if your under eye bags has a specific cause. If they do, there may be specific medical treatment. For example, allergy treatment can relieve under eye puffiness due to seasonal allergy.

For most people, under eye bags are a cosmetic nuisance. Wrinkle treatments may reduce the appearance of eye puffiness by smoothing the affected skin. These may include chemical peels, fillers, or laser resurfacing to tighten the skin around the eyes. Indeed, laser resurfacing is an excellent choice to improve skin tone and reduce the look of dark spots.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is used to treat more extensive under eye bags. During blepharoplasty, the fat pads under the eyes are removed, as is excess skin. Eyelid surgery for under eye bags can have a dramatic effect on overall appearance.

All of these treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and can be completed in a relatively short time. Healing and after-care processes differ between treatments, but even the most involved recovery process (after eyelid surgery) lasts only a few weeks.

The good news is that you have options to deal with under eye bags.



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