The visual age of your face and neck is affected by more than just wrinkles. Volume loss is another aspect of facial aging that can betray even the best in facelift techniques, but what if there was a treatment that could address both wrinkles AND volume loss? The search for a therapy that works for both issues has brought many patients to Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Sculptra dermal fillers.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a type of dermal filler that enhances collagen production. It is made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic substance that stimulates collagen formation while restoring volume. PLLA does not remain in your face permanently; the filler is designed to be broken down. 

Who is a Candidate for Sculptra?

Sculptra filler can be used to restore the appearance of your face after: 

  • Volume loss due to aging, namely deep wrinkles such as nasolabial folds 
  • Volume loss from past illness
  • Lipodystrophy in cases of antiretroviral treatment for HIV 

People who develop excessive scar tissue, such as keloids, should not have the Sculptra treatment.  

What Areas Can Sculptra Be Used?

Sculptra dermal filler treatment is approved for the face, including facial fat loss and deep wrinkles. For example, patients may receive Sculptra injections in hollow areas under their eyes, cheeks, and under the corners of their mouth. You may also choose it for sagging jowls and excessive indentation around your temples. It has been used off-label to enhance volume in the hands, neck, cheek, thighs, and even chest, too. 

How Does Sculptra Dermal Filler Work?

The Sculptra facial treatment provides direct volume enhancement while stimulating tissue regeneration. As PLLA is a foreign object, it triggers an inflammatory response, similar to an injury, and is slowly broken down into lactic acid which can be cleared by the body. During this time, the inflammatory response also directs your skin to produce more collagen so it can repair the perceived “injury”. Around half of the PLLA is cleared within six months. Because collagen is not a permanent fixture, you will need repeat treatment every two years to re-stimulate its increased production. 


There is no real recovery time after Sculptra facial treatments. You can go back to your normal activities immediately afterwards, but you may feel a little sore around the injection sites. An ice pack can help to relieve any discomfort in the first day or two after the injections. 

Effectiveness of the Sculptra Rejuvenating Procedure at Nuance

Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery is proud to offer highly skilled care for Sculptra and other non-surgical treatments. Drs. Mehdi Sina and Jeannie Khavkin have many years of experience, including fellowship training, that enable them to provide individualized care for your unique, natural face and goals. To learn more or book an appointment, click here. 

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It can take a few weeks to see the full results of your Sculptra treatment.
You may notice some redness, pain, swelling, or even bruising around the injection sites.
Results from Sculptra injections typically last up to two years.
The average cost of Sculptra treatment ranges from $1,500 to $3,500. This depends on the number of injections you need, your location, and the surgeon’s skill level.

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