Male Hair Transplant

Are you searching for a male hair transplant in Las Vegas? Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery has you covered. With up to 85% of men expected to develop hair loss at some point, Dr. Jeannie Khavkin know what you need, and the best way to give it to you. 

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Most men experience a type of age-related hair loss known as androgenic alopecia. Here, the cumulative effects of DHT, a super-charged form of testosterone, combine with aging to cause a pattern of hair loss that starts on your forehead and the very top of your scalp. This may be worsened from a history of anabolic steroid use. Men may also seek hair transplants after loss from burns, injuries, or surgical scars. 

Candidates For Male Hair Transplants 

You are an ideal candidate for a male hair transplant in Las Vegas’ Nuance clinic if you have localized, patterned baldness or thinning, or hair loss from an injury. There is no “best” age for male hair restoration, but patients 40 years or older are expected to benefit most. This is because your hair loss is relatively stable. 

What Results Can You Expect After The Procedure?

After male hair restoration, you can expect to see a much younger-looking hairline develop within six months. Testosterone and DHT do not affect the back of your head, beard, or body hair, so won’t damage the transplanted hair. If your alopecia was severe enough to require the transfer of body hair, you may need to keep your hair short. 

How Does Hair Transplant Work for Men?

During men's non-surgical hair replacement using the FUE method, your donor and transplant site is shaved down to allow easy access. Then, your surgeon carefully removes individual hair follicles in groups of up to five. These are spaced out enough that you won’t notice them missing. Your surgeon quickly re-implants them into the recipient area, where they eventually establish a blood supply and grow as normal. Severe cases of hair loss may require facial or body hair, as donor hair doesn’t typically grow back. 

The Recovery Period

During your recovery, you must treat the transplant site with great care. This means no friction, prolonged contact with water, hats, or brushing for around three weeks. You will likely be advised to use an antimicrobial treatment and avoid even washing your hair with a bowl of water for the first few days. However, your “new” hair may seem to fall out in a few weeks, and eventually regrow as normal within several months. 

The Benefits of Seamless Hair Transplantation for Men 

  • Seamless hair implants for men don’t resemble doll hair, as they do not have an unnaturally straight line 
  • The donor site is far less obvious, especially if you prefer your hair to be very short 
  • The FUE method has a much shorter recovery time with less pain 
  • This procedure only leaves pinprick scars, which are barely noticeable. 

How Much Does a Male Hair Transplant Cost in Las Vegas?

The typical male hair transplant cost in Las Vegas varies by the number of follicles, with a price range extending up to $12 per unit transferred. At Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we keep our costs affordable to our patients, so you could pay as little as $25,000 for 3,000 follicles. 

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Yes; most of the transplanted hair will permanently establish itself, and it comes from a donor site that doesn’t experience androgenic alopecia.
To prepare for hair transplantation, quit smoking and drinking alcohol for at least a week or two beforehand, as these can slow down healing. You may have to stop certain medications and supplements with anti-clotting or other potentially harmful effects, depending on your surgeon’s instructions.
As the hair isn’t sensitive to testosterone or DHT, your transplant has no upper limit on its longevity. However, nutrient deficiencies, stress, and certain medications that cause hair loss can still affect a hair transplant.
All hair transplants are performed with local anesthetic, so you won’t feel anything except for a mild pulling sensation. Any discomfort afterwards can be easily relieved with over-the-counter medication.
The FUE method of hair transplantation looks just like natural hair, as clusters of 1-5 follicles are individually placed.
Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery is run by Dr. Mehdi Sina and Dr. Jeannie Khavkin, two fellowship-trained surgeons. Both are highly experienced in reconstructive and rejuvenating procedures, personalizing each surgery to your specific needs.

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