• Dr. Sina is THE BEST! I've wanted to get my lips done for a long time but it was important that I find someone who's work was very natural. After doing my research, I found Dr. Sina at Nuance Aesthetics and I knew I'd be in good hands. I was right and he was incredible. Dr. Sina's care, diligence, and attention to detail was beyond my expectations. I made it very clear that I wanted a natural boost and he gave me just that. I honestly couldn't be happier with the results.
    Jell N, Lip Augmentation
  • Dr. Sina was incredibly professional and hospitable from the moment I entered his office, I was put at ease by his incredibly polished office and his charm. He was incredibly warm and walked me through the whole process and assured me I had nothing to worry about. He showed me how it would look with computer imaging and broke down the whole surgery step by step. His staff was incredibly professional as well. the surgery came out amazing! My close friends and family are stunned by just how natural and clean it came out. My mom still cannot believe by how just perfect it looks.
    Luba P., Rhinoplasty
  • I saw Dr. Sina for my rhinoplasty surgery that I've been on the brink of doing forever. Dr. Sina was extremely thorough about the procedure as well as my recovery. He even showed me what my nose would look like after recovery. Even more so he completely put me at ease about the procedure. After my surgery I felt no pain and minimal discomfort. Not only that... I love my results! He was very attentive and was available to any questions or concerns I had. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sina to anyone who is considering a cosmetic procedure.
    Tianna W., Rhinoplasty
  • Dr. Jeannie and her staff are wonderful. Dr. Jeannie has done my lip injections before and they turned out perfect. I've just gone back to have them done again and I will be back in a couple of weeks for them to be finished. Dr. Jeannie is gentle and caring and her assistant Maria is great as well. I appreciate Dr. Jeannie being conservative with her treatments so that you end up with a very natural look. And, Maria has a great personality and helps to keep you relaxed during the procedures. I will always recommend Nuance to friends and family for their cosmetic needs!
  • The doctor did an amazing job and was so professional. He made it pain and carefree. Won't see anyone else.
    Aisha M, Lip Augmentation
  • I went to Dr Sina for the first time I had anything ever done and he made me feel incredibly safe and like anything I did would be to enhance my existing beauty. Made a real but natural looking difference to my face.
    Linda G, Non - surgical rhinoplasty
  • Dr. Sina has a true talent. I am extremely nervous when it comes to treating my face, but he has all of my trust. I absolutely adore him. I have had my lips done by him as well as a non surgical nose job. My results are amazing and I receive compliments left and right. I was not ready to have a surgery to fix the hump in the bridge of my nose, so I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Sina. He made feel very comfortable and made sure we were on the same page when it came to the results I was looking for. The procedure itself was not what I expected at all. I barely felt a thing. My eyes did water, but that was to be expected! I had my treatment done on a Thursday and was still able to attend a black tie wedding on that Saturday. I am so thrilled with my results.
    Lori M, Non - surgical rhinoplasty
  • I love my lips. They look and feel so perfect.
    Olivia G, Lip Augmentation
  • I have had my lips filled before and I vowed never again, because of the pain, BUT with Dr Sina it was an exceptionally comfortable experience. Perhaps more importantly the doctor has a clear image of constructing and working with one that desires a masculinized facial appearance without compromising on style. 
    Emma O., Lip Augmentation
  • Dr. Sina was so careful and he did exactly what I wanted. He is truly an artist and evaluates the best solution for your face. I got lip filler and am so happy with the way it looks.
    Laila Y., Lip Augmentation
  • Dr. Sina does great work which is subtle & natural looking. He has a great chair side manner and informative about the procedure which I appreciated immensely. 
    Maya H., Botox/Dysport
  • It was important to me to keep my natural looking shape and to only enhance it with the filler. After numbing my lips, Dr. Mehdi analyzed my lips and came up with a plan of action to correct some mild asymmetry and leave me with beautiful lips. The procedure was quick and painless.
    Tatiana R., Lip Augmentation
  • I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Living in a small town in Alabama, I have been fortunate to (need to) be able to travel to several places for comparative experiences with restalyne injections. Dr. Sina is the best I have seen by far. He is thorough in his consult, honest with his counsel, and expert with injections.
    Stacey K., Lip Augmentation
  • Dr Mehdi is so real and 100 percent honest! He gave amazing advice and my lips look amazing! 
    Gulnara E., Lip Augmentation
  • My experience at Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery with Dr. Jeannie has been nothing be remarkable and I would highly recommend them. The office is stunning and very clean. Dr. Jeannie is very compassionate and listened to all of my concerns before making any recommendations.
    I’ve had Botox in the past. Most offices do the have a PA or NP do the injection and send you on the way. They don’t want to see you back till you need to redone. Not Dr. Jeannie. You get a fellowship trained doctor doing the injection and wants you to followup to make sure that everything looks good.
    Pete Bekas
  • Dr. Sina was phenomenal! He was very sweet and made me feel at ease. He answered all of my questions and was able to explain exactly what he was going to do before he started the treatment. During the injections I barely felt the needle! I can honestly say that I have found my "go to" doctor for all of my cosmetic treatments.
    Teresa B., Lip Augmentation
  • I Had filler for labiomental crease using Restylane Defyne. Effect is very natural and Dr. Sina is an expert injector and super knowledgeable about how every type of filler works without having a one size fits all approach.
    Olga G, Filler
  • Just got my injections done and I’m in love. I felt so cared for and Dr.Sina listened to what I wanted to ensure I was happy with my end result. You can tell that he cares and I’m beyond thrilled with the product he choose. They look fantastic and I finally have the lips of my dreams.
    Olivia Y., Lip Augmentation
  • I had my lips filled, my eyebrows raised and forehead smoothed, my cheekbones defined, and some other small changes to balance everything. It looks completely natural, like a better version of me. A far superior experience to the two other places I've been and I wouldn't trust anyone else. I truly love how I look.
    Lesley N, Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
  • Let’s just start by saying , he is so talented and on point. Dr. Sina and his staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and an enjoyable experience. Everyone is so experienced and super friendly. I saw results after days that were above my expectations. I have gotten Botox before but this is by far the best treatment I have ever had. I have never gotten so many compliments on my appearance . I can’t wait for my next visit!! Thank Dr. Dina and staff!!! Xo
    Margaret P., Botox/Dysport
  • Dr Sina Mehdi and his assistant Vanessa took care of me. I was nervous because this was my first time . They both were extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable. Dr Mehdi is very skilled in this field. He knows exactly what he is doing and where I needed it (forehead and Crowes feet ) .After 2 weeks I’ve seen major results. It looks very natural and I have no more wrinkles. My friends have been telling me I look ten years younger. I highly recommend them!
    Carolyn P., Botox/Dysport
  • One word to describe my experience would have to be PHENOMENAL. Dr. Sina and his staff were not only friendly but they were honest and not pushy, which was a liberating feeling since i was a little apprehensive about fillers. Dr. Sina answered all questions accordingly and provided thought-worthy suggestions that I’m highly considering for my next appointment. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone considering fillers for the cheeks!
    Selma J., Botox/Dysport
  • So it's been 3 months. Worth it!! Now i rather enjoy makeup especially lipstick!! Anyway I'm very pleased.
    Joyce L., Surgical Lip Lift
  • I was looking for a surgeon who was a perfectionist, someone with an eye for detail. I'd poured over hundreds of websites and reviews, and I visited several surgeons in New York before I selected Dr. Sina. I was impressed with his credentials and found him extremely knowledgeable during our first consultation. He answered all of my questions with expert advice and was honest even when I suggested treatments he didn’t think I was a strong candidate for.

    Throughout the process of many procedures, I've found him to be trustworthy, fair and attentive. The same can be said for his staff who have also been great throughout. He has performed a nose job and chin implant as well as Botox to improve the symmetry of my eyebrows and tear troughs under my eyes. I couldn't be happier and I can't imagine seeing another doctor in the future. Thank you so much, Dr. Sina, for helping me feel like the best version of myself!
    Rita A., Nose Job, Chin Implant, Tear Troughs, Botox
  • I can not say enough about how satisfied I am with the surgery Dr. Sina performed removing excess skin from my eyelids. That skin really aged me and I can see that even more with the great results I have had. So meticulous and thorough, I had such an easy recovery with minimal (very minimal) bruising and swelling. I look years younger!
    Patrick L,, Blepharoplasty
  • My experience with Dr. Sina was absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to get rhinoplasty but was nervous about the procedure. But Dr. Sina made me feel so comfortable about the whole process and I couldn't wait to do it. I'm in love with my results!
    Jessie V., Rhinoplasty
  • I have been seeing Dr. Jeannie for the past year and have received great services and recommendations. The office is modern, clean, and has a relaxing atmosphere. The doctor is never pushy and always treats me with kindness and respect. She is someone who will honestly give you the best esthetic advise instead of trying to sell as many services/packages as a lot of Medspa around town. If you are looking for a doctor who has the artistic eye for a professional and natural look Dr. Jeannie would be perfect. My results are always beautiful and not overdone.
    Alice Chen
  • I am a 60 year old woman who has pretty much always had extra skin on my upper eyelids. Dr. Sina did an amazing job on my eyelid surgery. He is amazing and I love my eyes. You can bet if I ever want or need further corrective surgery he's the only doctor I would consider.
    Florence S., Blepharoplasty
  • I saw Dr. Sina for my rhinoplasty surgery that I've been on the brink of doing forever. Dr. Sina was extremely thorough about the procedure as well as my recovery. He even showed me what my nose would look like after recovery. Even more so he completely put me at ease about the procedure. After my surgery I felt no pain and minimal discomfort. Not only that... I love my results! He was very attentive and was available to any questions or concerns I had. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sina to anyone who is considering a cosmetic procedure.
    Tianna W., Rhinoplasty
  • Dr. Jeannie was great! Very professional, easy to talk too and enjoyable to be around. She answered all my questions.
    I saw results within a month and the they are amazing
    Ultherapy has tightened the loose skin on my neck and now I look 10 years younger!
    Patty Thompson
  • I am not that young anymore, but of course, I want to look and feel young )). I booked a consultation at Nuance by phone, and it turned out to be free. Well, that's a good start, I thought. Dr. Jeannie turned out to be a knowledgeable doctor who explained to me all the options and suggested the Ultherapy procedure. She described all the benefits in details and warned about the risks. Dr. Jeannie thought that I was a good candidate for this service. The result was amazing - after the first session, my face already looks less tired. As for the procedure itself, it was painless and short. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few months once the results really take effect. Dr. Jeannie is super nice and so friendly, no wonder people love her.
    Lisa Williams
  • Dr. Jeannie is very professional and very gentle, the staff always makes you feel comfortable. I am happy and very satisfied with the whole process and i highly recommend this place.
    Joanzee Bisdak
  • Everyone at Nuance is wonderfully friendly, the space is modern-gorgeous-cool, easily accessible located at the top of Summerlin Hospital Med Building and I always enjoy a mint tea from their in-office beverage/cookie bar. I actually look forward to my appointments and I trust & adore Dr. Jeannie implicitly! As a +40 y/o woman, never have I worn face make-up but these past few years I've noticed a lackluster, non-vibrant look to my face (I was so desperate I even began to consider make-up). I NEVER thought I'd do anything to my face, then I met Dr. Jeannie and magic happened; her gentle, professional, graceful & approachable demeanor opened up the conversation for something I had never considered. Through Botox she brought back the luster, smoothness & vibrance I sooooo missed without appearing fake, over-aged or frozen (at first, my husband didn't know I had Botox but his compliments were pouring in....a fun experiment to see your partner's reaction). This is Dr. Jeannie's specialty, the enhancement of your natural beauty rather than radical, noticeable, possibly-regrettable de-aging. Dr. Jeannie transitioned me from fear of Botox to someone who can not live without it; I'm also more relaxed and enjoy close-up photographs with my very young children even more now! I get facials from the incredible Andrea Castillo and her work has made a HUGE difference in my pore size & glow. I love working with Taylor, Dr. Jeannie's assistant, planning out a year of treatments at a speed in which I'm comfortable and I'm able to see immediate results. They're so good, you'll actually leave relaxed!