Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Since light from the sun prematurely ages and damages the skin, it seems only fair that doctors use light energy to undo this damage. Laser resurfacing uses the power of focused light energy to reduce or eliminate many of the signs of aging skin.

Laser resurfacing is a skin rejuvenation procedure that

  • Lightens dark spots/age spots
  • Softens fine and moderate wrinkles
  • Eliminates small blood vessels visible through the skin
  • Makes blotchy skin pigmentation more uniform
  • Improves the appearance of acne or surgical scars



Laser skin rejuvenation works by a process of selective photothermolysis. Laser and intense pulsed light therapy deliver a controlled amount of light energy to the skin. This light energy heats and destroys very specific structures within the skin, based on the wavelength and energy of the light used. For example, hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells, is particularly sensitive to certain wavelengths of light. Knowing this, a plastic surgeon interested in removing a spider vein will select a laser that specifically targets hemoglobin. When the laser is applied to the skin, it heats hemoglobin molecules. This affects the surrounding blood vessels but leaves the surrounding skin unaffected. As a result, the spider vein is destroyed.

What really matters to people who want younger, healthier looking skin is that laser resurfacing can undo many of the signs of aging skin.


The key to laser resurfacing is to pick the right laser and handpiece for the right clinical indication. Some lasers do better with fine lines and wrinkles, while others are better at removing unwanted blood vessels, such as spider veins. Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery uses Synosure/Palomar Icon laser and Pulsed Light system because it is extremely versatile.

In expert hands, the Icon laser system can provide the full range of laser resurfacing options.

  • The 1540 fractional laser is a great choice for treating scars, whether they are from acne, surgery, or even stretch marks.
  • The Max G Intense Pulsed Light handpiece provides the ideal settings for treating unwanted blood vessels and certain dark spots.
  • The Max R Intense Pulsed Light handpiece is ideal for permanent hair removal. The handpiece emits laser light energy over a relatively large area, so it is an excellent choice for removing hair from large skin surfaces rapidly, safely, and permanently.


Selecting the right handpiece is important, and the Icon system provides a full range of options. However, the system also has a number of features that make it the superior device in medical laser resurfacing.

Palomar Icon laser system includes:

  • AccuSpectrum™ – Special filters allow for more selective photothermolysis and make the treatment more comfortable
  • Advanced Contact Cooling™ – Cools and protects the surrounding skin
  • Skintel Melanin Reader – Measures the amount of melanin in the skin for precision treatment
  • Photon Recycling™ and Smooth Pulse™ – Increases the efficiency and energy of the laser to make the most powerful and precise cosmetic laser.

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