What is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

What is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is best thought of as rhinoplasty on non-Caucasian noses. It is important to consider the ethnic and cultural differences in order to yield rhinoplasty results that are harmonious and complimentary to the other facial features. Are you looking for the best ethnic rhinoplasty in Las Vegas?

Dr. Sina has expertise and research experience in the anthropometric and aesthetic analysis of faces of various cultures and ethnicities. In short, consideration and respect must be shown to each individual patient’s cultural and ethnic background in order to achieve the most aesthetically appealing nose and overall facial balance.

The total ethnic rhinoplasty cost can range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. If you choose the best ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon in your region, you can expect your final bill to be on the higher end of this range. However, you can be assured that you are getting the best care and results, and you are far less likely to need a revision.

The Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

Ethnic nose surgery involves the same base techniques used for Caucasian patients, but different methods are chosen and modified based on your heritage:

  1. Rearranging (augmentation) of the angles and definition. For example, the point of your nose tip may be shifted up or down.
  2. Enlargement of your nose by adding cartilage grafted from your septum or ribs. This creates a more narrow appearance and makes the enlarged (“projected”) areas extend further out from your face.
  3. Reduction of your nose by removing some cartilage and bone, bringing it closer to your face.
  4. Revision of a previous surgery which may have negatively affected your appearance or ability to breathe.

The rhinoplasty procedure may last 1.5 to three hours. A minor ethnic nose job may be “closed”, where the incisions are made inside your nose, but more extensive changes will need an “open” incision between your nostrils.

Recovery after surgery

Today, rhinoplasty (including ethnic nose surgery) is an outpatient procedure, so you don’t need to spend a night in hospital. You can expect to need nasal splints inside and outside of your nose for the first week, and have some bruising under your eyes. 

The main recovery period lasts for one week to 10 days. After two or three weeks, you can restart exercise such as swimming or jogging, and you will be able to wear glasses again after four or five weeks.

It generally takes two to three months before you feel completely healed. However, if you enjoy contact sports, it may be six to 12 months before you can start them again.

Benefits of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is the superior choice for Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Indigenous American patients for several reasons :

  • You preserve your unique beauty; it is not lost to Northwest European standards.
  • You are protected from potential breathing issues that can develop from Caucasian rhinoplasty guidelines being inappropriately applied to your face.
  • There is a decreased risk of needing a revision procedure.