Perhaps you feel that the silhouette of your face and neck are making you look older than you’d like, but you don’t want traditional surgery. If so, you may benefit from joining the many other patients seeking out MyEllevate in Las Vegas, NV.

 First, why does Nuance Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery offer MyEllevate? The MyEllevate™ facial procedure is perfect for patients seeking a minimally invasive and maximally effective reshaping of the jawline and neck. It addresses the underlying platysma muscles (bands) and submandibular glands by placing a suture support system that immediately elevates these underlying structures.

Who is a Good Candidate for MyEllevate?

You may be a good candidate for MyEllevate if you have mild to moderate skin laxity in your neck, and do not want a traditional surgical necklift that requires general anesthetic. Older patients who previously had a facelift but now need to touch up their neck area can have the MyEllevate procedure too. It’s also possible to combine MyEllevate with other non- or minimally-invasive treatment such as laser skin rejuvenation.

If the laxity in your neck skin is so severe that it forms a downward curve, then you are likely to need a regular neck and facelift.

How Does MyEllevate Work?

MyEllevate™ is a unique procedure that utilizes the ICLED® light guided suture system. Before starting the procedure, Dr. Jeannie will mark the skin to help guide the process. Then, the ICLED suture system is used to lace the muscles and glands of the neck together using a suture thread. The thread is then used to elevate the muscles and glands. During the procedure, tiny punctures will be made around the jawline, no incisions are necessary.

It is important to understand that MyEllevate™ is not a face or neck lift. It is a minimally invasive approach to restore a smooth jawline while supporting the platysma muscles and glands. It is also not just a thread lift. MyEllevate™ uses a different technique and offers a long-lasting result, that a thread lift cannot. MyEllevate™ is performed in our practice using local anesthesia and oral sedation. Unless combined with another procedure, for the majority of patients, it takes about an hour to perform. For the best results, we often combine this procedure with FaceTite and submental liposuction. Bruising and swelling may occur. Most patients are able to return to everyday activities within a few days.

Benefits of MyEllevate

MyEllevate offers similar results to the traditional necklift for patients with up to moderate laxity. Peer-reviewed articles that provide photographs show improvements that correspond to patients appearing 10-15 years younger, without it being obvious that they’ve had any procedures performed. You also don’t have to worry about the risks of general anesthetic, or the infection or chronic pain risks that come with larger incisions.


At Nuance, our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeannie Khavkin offers the MyEllevate procedure, as the leading physician for this procedure in Las Vegas. To learn more or to book an appointment, click here.

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The results of MyEllevate last at least five years, as it does not stop the underlying aging process in your cells and tissues
MyEllevate may cause minimal bruising and swelling, if any at all. It’s a popular side effect-free alternative to the neck lift.
The cost of MyEllevate in Las Vegas can vary because some patients combine it with other procedures.

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