Damaged or overly stretched earlobes can definitely be repaired and restructured by a straightforward and inexpensive procedure. This procedure will restore the appearance and natural structure of your earlobes.

What is an earlobe repair?

Pierced earlobes are susceptible to stretching or tearing by mechanical forces. Whether the earlobe is stretched or torn because of heavy earrings, physical trauma, or voluntary expansion using earring gauges, an earlobe repair can restore the earlobe to its normal shape and contour.

How is an earlobe repair performed?

An earlobe repair is a minimally invasive procedure that can safely and effectively be performed under local anesthesia is less than 1 hour. The earlobe(s) are anesthetized, and an intricated skin repositioning results in a durable restoration of the earlobe.

How long after earlobe repair can the ear(s) be pierced?

If the piercing falls in the same line as the earlobe repair, 3 months must elapse prior to re-piercing. If a different area of the earlobe is to be pierced, there is no need to wait.