The position and shape of the eyebrows play a critical role in both facial beauty as well as communicating different emotions including happiness, sadness, anger and surprise. As one ages, the position and shape of the eyebrows can change and create a mismatch between how someone feels and the emotion they display. 

What is a browlift?

An eyebrow lift, or browlift, is the surgical lifting of the eyebrows to their correct anatomical position. 

Is there a difference between male and female eyebrow position?

It is very important to distinguish between the correct anatomical position of the female and male eyebrows:

In females, the eyebrows are positioned slightly above the brow bone and gently peak and taper as they extend laterally.

In men, the brow in at the level of the brow bone and remains relatively flat as it moves laterally.

What happens to eyebrow position as people age?

As women age, the brow can descend and flatten, resulting in a tired, angry and masculine appearance. A browlift can restore the eyebrows to a more anatomically appropriate position resulting in a softened, youthful and refreshed appearance. 

In men, a descended brow can result in a tired and angry appearance. In some cases, the lowered brow can also impair vision. A browlift will result in a rested and youthful appearance without feminizing the male face.  

Can a browlift help achieve a “cat eye” look?

An isolated lateral browlift can great a peaking of the lateral eyebrow, commonly referred to as a “cat eye” appearance. 

Are the incisions visible after a browlift?

The most common technique for a browlift is a minimally invasive endoscopic browlift. There are 3 to 5 small incisions made behind the hairline that was invisible once they are fully healed. Patients with extremely thin hair or male pattern baldness may need customized incision or otherwise may be poor candidates for a browlift.