Eyelid Rejuvenation Options

Eyelid Rejuvenation Options

Why look older when you don’t have to?

The innate desire to preserve our bodies has led to rapid improvements in areas such as cosmetic medicine. Our eyes are no exception, as they are one of the first things we notice about other people’s faces. We look at others’ eye areas out of respect and to read intent and body language, and are often naturally drawn to our own eyes when we look in the mirror.

What’s more, a younger perceived age has been linked to improved physical health

What Causes Eyelid Wrinkles and Sagging?

Eyelid wrinkles and sagging, alongside dark circles, have several main causes:

  • The biological aging process, which may result from a lack of genetic protection against deterioration or loss of the cells’ energy-producing centres
  • Excessive sun exposure. This speeds up aging through oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Smoking, which also speeds aging and causes extreme levels of oxidative stress
  • Dehydration; over time, it can contribute to volume loss and make dark circles more prominent.

Options for Eyelid Lift Surgery

Eye rejuvenation surgery can target the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. Modern surgical techniques mean that these procedures give you a naturally youthful look that do not give away the fact that you’ve had surgery.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is the medical term for plastic surgery to lift your upper eyelids. You can request it to give yourself a younger appearance, or if your eyelids feel uncomfortably heavy. This can cause vision problems and dermatitis if it’s severe enough.

Upper eyelid surgery can involve either local anesthetic, or general anesthetic if your surgeon feels it is necessary. The procedure involves an incision in the crease of your eyelid, so you won’t have a visible scar. From here, your surgeon removes excessive fat and loose skin before any needed reshaping of your eyelid. This is a day procedure, so you will only be in a recovery room for a few hours before going home.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid rejuvenation is also called lower lid blepharoplasty or eyebag surgery. Like upper eyelid surgery, you can have it under local anesthetic only, and you can return to work and most activities in two weeks or less.

The lower eyelid surgery procedure also involves a small incision where you are unlikely to find a visible scar. Your surgeon removes excess tissue, such as skin and fat, and reshapes your lower eyelid to remove “eyebags” and sagging. Additionally, fat from your upper cheek may be lifted up to restore healthy-looking volume.

Combining Eyelid Surgery

You can combine the cosmetic surgery procedures for both your upper and lower eyelids if both bother you. It’s possible to have these performed alongside other operations such as a facelift, too. Combining surgeries is the best method if you need or want multiple procedures as it reduces your exposure to anesthesia and reduces your need for recovery time.

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Options

Non-surgical eye rejuvenation procedures are minimally invasive alternatives that help you avoid anesthetic and the need for recovery time. They may give you temporary improvements, so you can “try on” a younger look, have truly regenerative properties, or both. Additionally, non-surgical treatment is generally cheaper.

Botox for Eyelid Lift

Botox is a popular non-surgical treatment that works by freezing the muscles in your face. This smooths out the appearance of wrinkles. As it’s been around since the 1990s, doctors have many years of experience in using it.

When it comes to eyelid lifts, Botox is best for younger patients with hooded eyelids. Through relaxing the muscles around your eyes and eyebrows, the eyelid is lifted up. Your doctor injects the Botox into the muscles that pull your eyelids down, allowing the muscles that lift them to work unopposed.

Botox injections typically last for several months.

Fillers for Under-Eye Volume

Fillers are a non-surgical alternative for lower eyelid rejuvenation. They contain substances such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, which work by restoring lost volume and triggering collagen production.

Hyaluronic acid is part of your skin’s natural connective tissue. It holds onto water and provides vital structural support, but its levels decline with age and contributing factors such as oxidative stress or menopause. It’s versatile and provides direct replacement of a lost tissue component. Calcium hydroxyapatite lasts longer, staying around for 30 months or more, and is a powerful stimulant of collagen production. However, it’s best only in parts of your face that do not move much.

Fillers are recommended for you if your main issue is a sunken appearance with lost volume and wrinkles. They can be effective for a broader range of ages and levels of severity than Botox.

Advanced Eyelid Rejuvenation at Nuance

At Nuance, we pride ourselves on bringing you individualized treatment. Our patients are each unique in their goals and natural appearance, so no two interventions are exactly the same.

Our surgeons, Dr. Jeannie Khavkin and Dr. Mehdi Sina are fellowship-trained and specialize in facial procedures such as eye treatments. Each aim to maintain the highest standards for patient satisfaction using the latest knowledge and techniques.

If you are interested in eye rejuvenation surgery or a minimally-invasive alternative, contact us today to book an appointment.